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Online University Prep High School

What is the Online University Prep High School program?
Online University Prep students are planning on attending a four year college or university after graduation. Classes are taken online and students can contact content teachers for support by email or phone. Students can also sign up for Zoom through the teacher’s virtual tutoring link. A-G/Honors courses are available to help students prepare for college/university. We also offer a high school program for students planning to attend community college or join the workforce after graduation. Click here to learn about our Independent Study program.
My child is college-bound, do you offer A-G/Honors courses?
Yes, our online curriculum satisfies college and university admissions requirements. University Prep also offers required labs for Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Spanish Voice Labs are offered through video conferencing.
How can I finish high school at home?
University Prep students complete classes, classwork, and exams online with their teacher’s support. Students meet with teachers in small student group meetings that are conducted virtually and in public places (coffee shops, libraries, etc.) within the students’ communities.
How does online University Prep work?
Students complete their coursework in our online program with the support of their mentor teacher and content teachers. Students complete personalized projects using technology to achieve success in a standards-based curriculum. Core classes are supported by a content teacher who is available to students through email, chat, Google Hangouts, and office hours. The goal of University Prep is to prepare students to meet A-G requirements. All students will be enrolled in classes that meet these requirements.
What are Learning Assessments?
Learning Assessments provide students with a clear view of where they stand academically and determine what they’re ready to learn next to build their personalized learning plan. Students in grades nine through eleven will participate in the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP reading and mathematics assessments. Learning Assessments will be referenced in the student’s Master Agreement and will be administered to all Visions students.
Does Visions offer high school dances and other social opportunities?
Visions students enjoy all the social opportunities other high school students have and many more. These include dances, student meeting experiences, and extracurricular writing classes. Activities vary by academy, but all students are given opportunities to socialize and make new friends.
Can my student take driver’s education classes?
Yes! University Prep students can take Driver’s Education for FREE. Visions In Education utilizes a California DMV approved, internet-based, course. This online course covers the ground rules of road and vehicle safety, with an emphasis on capable and efficient driving.
Can I graduate early?
This will depend on the student’s unique circumstance and personalized educational plan developed with the student’s counselor. Students must receive approval from their Principal to ensure early graduation.
How can students be successful in the online University Prep high school program?
Learn about what it takes to succeed at Visions here.

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